Royal Canadian Artillery Association Bursaries

The RCAA sponsors two bursaries annually in the amount of $1000.00 each to assist Gunner students at post-secondary educational institutions.

Application forms may be found at the end of this publication.

The Lieutenant-Colonel Jack de Hart, MC, CD Bursary

LCol de Hart was a distinguished gunner officer with many years service in the Regular Force and the Militia. He was President of the RCAA in 1978-79. In 1953 he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in Korea. While in support of the Royal Netherlands Battalion which had come under a heavy Chinese night attack and had suffered many casualties, including a company commander killed, Captain de Hart “directed artillery fire with outstanding success”, inflicting over 125 casualties and aborting two Chinese raids. Well known for his love and very exacting observance of gunner traditions, particularly artillery Guest Nights, he epitomized the finest qualities of a gunner officer. LCol de Hart died on 6 November 1992.

Applicants for this bursary must have successfully completed at least one year of post-secondary education and successfully completed DP1 Artillery officer or higher and be recommended by his/her Commanding Officer.

2007 Recipient – Lt Couture – 6e Régiment d’artillerie de campagne, ARC

2008 Recipients – Lt T.Q. On – 11th Field Regiment, RCA Lt A. McQuarrie – 1st Field Regiment, RCA

2009 Recipients – 2Lt Stephen Brush, 11th Field Regiment RCA

2010 Recipients – Lt Alexandre Tremblay-Michaud, 2nd Field Regiment RCA

2011 – no applicants

2012 – Lt C. Young, 84 Indep Bty, RCA

2013 – Capt Denomme, 62e RAC

2014 – not listed in the Annual Report

2015 – Lt Joyelle Norris, 26 Fd Regt, RCA

2016 – Lt Ye, 2 Fd Regt, RCA

2017 – Maj SA Graham, 7 Tor Regt, RCA

The Master Gunner E.M. “Chip” Evoy, MM & Bar Bursary

Elmer ‘Chip’ Evoy was a member 2 LAA Regiment and served in England and the invasion of Sicily. Early in this campaign R 22e R was stopped by severe machine gun fire emanating from a masonry strongpoint. At great personal risk to himself and his bombardier, Sgt Evoy moved his 40mm Bofors gun forward immediately behind the Van Doo lines and blew the strongpoint away, enabling the infantry to advance. He continued fighting in the Italian campaign but when his unit reached the Ortona vicinity he was returned to England as an instructor. He remustered to The Regina Rifles and served throughout the remainder of the war in North West Europe. As his unit neared Germany, he was again awarded the Military Medal for bravery in action, thus becoming the only Canadian Army soldier decorated for bravery in both the artillery and the infantry. Following the war he joined the local Militia but on the outbreak of the Korean Conflict he re-enlisted as a sergeant in the artillery, serving until the termination of hostilities. He remained in the Regular Force until his retirement at which time he was a Master Gunner and Battery Sergeant Major. Master Gunner Evoy died in 1995.

Applicants for this NCM bursary must have successfully completed at least one year of post-secondary education, provide a transcript of military courses successfully completed and be recommended by his /her Commanding Officer.

2007 Recipient Bdr Artem Polyvyanny – 7 Toronto Regiment, RCA

2008 Recipients Sgt R. Ouellet – 6e Régiment d’artillerie de campagne, ARC Bdr Y. Malikov – 7 Toronto Regiment, RCA

2009 Recipients Sgt Dennis Carmody, 42nd Field Regiment RCA (Lanark & Renfrew Scots)

2010 Recipients Bdr Nathan Cousineau, 116th Independent Field Battery, RCA

2011 Recipients – Gnr Shulist – 42nd Field Regiment RCA (Lanark & Renfrew Scots)

2012 – Bdr HS Bhatti, 11 Fd Regt, RCA

2013 – MBdr Kay, 42 Fd Regt, RCA

2014 – not listed in the Annual Report

2015 – Bdr Patricia Koch, 7 Tor Regt, RCA

2016 – Sgt McMullan, 10 Fd Regt, RCA

2017 – MBdr, Jasmin Buccella, 7 Tor Regt, RCA

Application Forms:

Jack DeHart Bursary application.doc

Master Gunner Chip Evoy Bursary Application.doc