Gunners in Crisis – Legion Contacts for assistance

Gunners in Crisis – Legion Contacts for assistance

Members of the RCA or veteran members of the RCAA are able to find additional help outside the chain of command from the Royal Canadian Legion

Attached at this Link is a list of Legion Regional Services Officers.  Their role is to assist you.

With regular training, an enhanced security check, and updates on regulations, policies and business practices, our Command Service Officers are more than capable of helping you to get the services you deserve.

For more information on Royal Canadian Legion services including representation and advocacy services, and benevolent assistance, the Poppy Fund, Legion Housing, and assisting homeless and at-risk Veterans please call the Dominion Command Service Bureau 1-877-534-4666 (1-877-Legion6) or email us your question. You can also contact the Command Service Officer in your province.

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