Presidents of the RCAA

Presidents of the RCAA

Royal Canadian Artillery Association Presidents

The President of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association is normally elected to serve for one year but may be re-elected to serve a further one-year term, consecutively.

The duties of the President are:

a. To preside at the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Dinner;

b. To preside at meetings of the Executive Committee;

c. To take such action with respect to new business as cannot wait until the next Annual General Meeting of the Executive Committee or the next Annual General Meeting;

d. To appoint the requisite number of delegates and alternates to attend the annual meeting of the Conference of Defence Associations;

e. To appoint the Chairman and members of the various Standing Committees or Special Committees to serve in the interval between Annual General Meetings;

f. To carry out such other duties as may be assigned by a Annual General Meeting or a meeting of the Executive Committee; and

g. To attend Executive meetings of the Conference of Defence Associations as required.


Past Presidents / Anciens Présidents

1876-79 Major-General Sir E. Selby Smith, KCMG

1880-83 Major-General R.G.A. Luard

1884-87 Lieutenant-Colonel W.R. Oswald

1888-89 The Honourable Colonel A.M. MacDonald

1890 Major-General F. Middleton, KCMG CB

1891 Lieutenant-Colonel A.A. Stevenson

1892 Lieutenant-Colonel A.E. Curren

1893 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R. Armstrong

1894-96 Colonel The Honourable Edward Gawlor Prior, MP

1897-98 Lieutenant-Colonel F. Minden Cole, CMG VD

1899-01 Colonel D.T. Irwin, CMG VD

1902-03 Major-General W.H. Cotton

1904-05 Colonel Sir John Hendrie, KCMG CVO

1908 Lieutenant-Colonel H. McL. Davison

1909 Colonel R Costigan, DSO

1910 Colonel N.F. McNachton, CVO

1911 Colonel E.M. Renouf

1912 Lieutenant-Colonel E.W. Rathbun

1913 Lieutenant-Colonel Lacey R. Johnson

1914 Lieutenant-Colonel W.G. Hurdman, DSO

1920 Major-General Sir Edward Morrison, KCMG CB DSO

1921 Colonel J.J. Creelman, DSO

1921 Brigadier-General C.H. Maclaren, CMG DSO

1923 Lieutenant-Colonel S.B. Anderson, CMG DSO

1924 Brigadier-General W.O. Dodds, CMG DSO VD

1925 Colonel J.J. Penhale, DSO

1926 Lieutenant-Colonel H.H. Sterns

1927 Lieutenant-Colonel J.A. MacDonald, DSO

1928 Lieutenant-Colonel N.P. MacLeod, MC

1929 Colonel E.G.M. Cape, DSO

1930 Colonel Mackenzie Waters, MC

1931 Lieutenant-Colonel N. MacDonald, DSO

1932-33 Colonel The Honourable G.A. Drew, PC VD CD QC LLD

1934 Lieutenant-Colonel R.T. Perry

1935 Brigadier W.C. Hyde, DSO VD

1936 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R. Sampson, OBE VD

1937 Lieutenant-Colonel G.T. Inch, MC VD

1938 Brigadier R.A. Fraser, VD

1939 Colonel C.G. Beeston, QC 1940-46

1940 Colonel J.J. Creelman, DSO

1947 Major-General A.B. Matthews, CBE DSO ED CD

1948 Brigadier P.A.S. Todd, CBE DSO ED CD

1949 Brigadier R.E.G. Roome, DSO ED

1950 Brigadier H.E. Wright ED

1951 Brigadier E.R. Suttie, CBE DSO ED CD

1952 Brigadier A.E. McB. Bell-lrving, CBE ED

1953 Brigadier H.E. Murray, DSO ED

1954 Brigadier Maurice Archer, MBE

1955 Brigadier F.D. Lace, DSO OBE ED

1956 Brigadier J.A. Gillies, OBE ED

1957 Brigadier W.D. King, OBE ED CD

1958 Brigadier J. Bibeau, DSO ED

1959 Brigadier R.T. DuMoulin, ED CD QC

1960 Brigadier-General D.C. Campbell, CD

1961 Brigadier H.T. Airey, CD

1961-62 Colonel E.W. Cormack, OBE ED CD

1962-63 Brigadier G.B. Robertson, ED CD QC

1963-64 Brigadier R. Normandeau, CD

1964-65 Lieutenant-Colonel W. S. Jackson, CD

1965-66 Lieutenant-Colonel E.R. Clemis, MBE ED CD

1966-67 Lieutenant-Colonel R.J. Connor, ED

1967-68 Lieutenant-Colonel J.D. Cambridge, CD

1968-69 Lieutenant-Colonel W.D. Elsdon, GM CD

1969-70 Colonel J.H. Turnbull, OMM EM CD

1970-71 Colonel B. Shapiro, CM CD

1971-72 Lieutenant-Colonel A.G. Lynch-Staunton, CD

1972-73 Lieutenant-Colonel J.C. McKenna, CD

1973-74 Lieutenant-Colonel J.W. Alward, CD QC

1974-75 Colonel A.E. Sherwin, CD

1975-76 Lieutenant-Colonel B. S. MacDonald, CD

1976-77 Lieutenant-Colonel B.G. Brulé, CD

1977-78 Colonel E.H. Rowe, OMM CD

1978-79 Lieutenant-Colonel J.E. de Hart, MC CD

1979-80 Brigadier-General W.T. Wickett, CD

1980-81 Colonel R.A. Jacobson, CD

1981-82 Colonel J.R.G. Saint-Louis, CD

1982-83 Brigadier-General L.M Salmon, CD

1983-84 Lieutenant-Colonel G.E. Parnell, CD

1984-85 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R.M. Hubel, CD

1985-86 Colonel E.A. Bauer, CD

1986-87 Colonel M.J. Day, CD

1987-88 Colonel S.T. McDonald, CD

1988-89 Lieutenant-Colonel G.E. Burton, CD

1989-90 Brigadier-General R.P. Beaudry, CD

1990-91 Colonel R.W. Johnston, CD

1991-92 Lieutenant-Colonel D.A. Wynn, CD

1992-93 Lieutenant-Colonel J.D. Gibson, CD

1993-94 Colonel D.L. Berry, CD

1994-95 Judge R.M. MacFarlane, MBE

1995-96 Lieutenant-Colonel R.M. Fitzpatrick, CD

1996-97 Lieutenant-Colonel R.M. Fitzpatrick, CD

1997-98 Colonel J.P. Jeffries, CD

1998-99 Lieutenant-Colonel M.D. McKay, CD AdeC

1999-2000 Lieutenant-Colonel S.J. Goldberg, CD

2000-2001 Lieutenant-Colonel R.G. French, CD

2001-2002 Lieutenant-Colonel W.H Wallace, CD

2002-2003 Lieutenant-Colonel P.A Sherwin, CD AdeC

2003-2005 Lieutenant-Colonel C.E. Healey, CD

2005-2006 Colonel G.E. Burton, CD

2006-2008 Lieutenant-Colonel James E.F. Bryce, CD

2008-2010 Lieutenant-Colonel André Richard, CD

2010-2012 Lieutenant-Colonel James L. Brazill, CD

2012-2014 Lieutenant-Colonel Craig L. Cotter, CD

2014-          Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Dussault, CD