RCAA – Why Join?

RCAA – Why Join?

Why Join the RCAA?

Help us move the Royal Regiment forward by becoming a member. Being a member in RCAA will help the Royal Regiment do many things. Your membership permits us to take on various tasks that assist in recognizing the heritage of the RCA and create or maintain memorials at locations that are important to us. The following were our actions over the past year.

This year we contributed to the maintenance of the RCA Vimy Memorial erected in 1918 by Canadian Gunners, at the village of Thélus just below Vimy Ridge in France. We are involved in the following tasks: Working on the development of “Volume 3 of The Gunners of Canada” covering the period 1967 to present, supporting the writing of “With A Few Guns” the gunner story in Operations in Afghanistan.

We have also supported the project for the creation of a statue of the author of “In Flanders Fields” John McCrae at the Artillery Memorial in Ottawa with unveiling May, 2015. As well, we continued our support of the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the National Artillery Memorial in Ottawa and contributed to the creation of the 62e Régiment d’artillerie de campagne led book “Les Artilleurs de la Mauricie”. This is how the RCAA maintains the legacy of the Royal Regiment.

The application to join the RCAA is available at this link:


The RCAA is also the national organization which links local gunner organizations and we want to help by advising you of gunner events. Of note the following gunner events are presently planned:

  • Gunner and Airborne Reunion at the Home Station in June/July 2012,
  • An Apprentice Reunion in Victoria in May, 2012,
  • Gunner reunions in both Eastern Ontario and Oromocto, NB during the 2012 spring/summer season
  • “Gunners of the 80s” in July or August (TBA) 2011 in Kingston