Royal Canadian Artillery Association

The Royal Canadian Artillery Association (RCAA) was founded in 1876 with the object of promoting the efficiency and welfare of the Royal Canadian Artillery and other matters pertaining to the defence of Canada. A general meeting of the RCAA is normally held annually. The following are eligible for membership:

  • all serving artillery officers, SNCOs and NCMs, both regular and reserve; and
  • all retired artillery officers and NCMs of the Canadian and of other Commonwealth and NATO forces acceptable to the Association.

The following may affiliate with the RCAA:

  • artillery regiments and independent batteries;
  • artillery schools; and
  • artillery associations.

Any person deemed to have rendered outstanding service to the artillery may be elected an Honorary Life Member of the RCAA at a General Meeting. Record of service in The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery will normally be the principal factor in selection. Any serving or retired officer of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery may make application to become a Life Member. The application should be forwarded to the Secretary of the RCAA for consideration at the next General Meeting.